Cheese Fest

We love cheese


Just look at it! Oozy gorgeousness. It promises so much, but does it deliver?



It’s delicately cornflour dusted rind, and gooey golden pate oozing out.

This is an award winning cheese, consistently winning medals in the British Cheese Awards and twice winning a medal in the World Cheese Awards.

It has absolutely no smell, which, for some might signal concern.

The texture is divine: smooth, creamy and deliciously silky.

The flavour is salty and slightly bitter. Other than that, there is nothing. Most disappointing :-(

Lovely consistency, no real flavour. Despite it’s award winning status, we didn’t think much of it… a real shame.

Manufactured by Village Maid

Purchased from Cheese Please, Lewes

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia, 2013


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