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Pérail de Brebis (aged)


October 11th, 2020 Posted 3:54 pm

We found this for sale in a visiting French market. It was rather crusty and gnarly, so we had to try it.

Perail de Brebis

Perail de Brebis

Normally, Pérail de Bribis is a soft white delicate cheese, but this one was aged, turning into a hard, leathery disc.

The formerly white rind has turned mottled brown and beige. It smells rather like a farm outhouse.

Cutting into it reveals that it has become almost all rind, with a thin layer of soft khaki, grey pate. What little pate remains has a soft, silky texture similar to that of lemon curd..

The flavour is strong and bitter, with a burning spiciness. Not for the feint of heart cheese novice.

It is interesting and pleasant in a masochistic way. Best eaten on toasted fruit bread to counteract some of the bitterness.

Despite the seemingly negative write up, we actually rather liked it.

Reviewed by Nick and Olympia, 2019


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