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Caşcaval Brădut (Afumat)


October 13th, 2013 Posted 7:11 pm

Always on the lookout for cheeses we haven’t tried, I found this in a Polish delicatessen. It’s actually Romanian and probably their equivalent of vacuum packed, supermarket cheddar.

Caşcaval Brădut

Caşcaval Brădut

Ours was a small truckle, but it also comes in blocks and a plait (although I can’t imagine how one would plait cheese). It comes from Brădut, which is an area of Romania. This one was the smoked version, having a slightly darker appearance than its unsmoked cousin.

It is a softish hard cheese with a rubbery texture.

The flavour is quite bitter with a strong acrid smokey taste, but largely unexciting. Good with garlic sausage on crusty bread.

Produced by: Tudia Lactate, Romania

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia, 2012