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Crottin de Chavignol

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October 26th, 2012 Posted 7:51 pm

Crottin de Chavignol literally means “horse dung of Chavignol”, Chavignol being a small village right in the middle of France in the department of Cher. Luckily, this description refers to its shape and size rather than its flavour.

Only 50mm across, this little goat cheese has a yellow rind, but as it matures, it develops a dusting of mould that will provide a colourful transition from yellow, to white, to blue/green, through to grey.

Crottin de Chavignol

Crottin de Chavignol

It’s paste is white and soft, but becomes crumbly as it ages.

The one we had, (pictured) was just starting to develop the blue mould. (Yes, I know, it’s not a good picture :oops: )

Creamy, but with a typical goat’s cheese chalkiness to the texture. There was no instant hit of flavour. Instead, the flavour gradually built up becoming quite strongly goaty with lemony overtones. All in all, a pleasant experience.

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia, 2012