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Ru Shan (乳扇)

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April 15th, 2012 Posted 5:24 pm

China is not known for its cheese, and for good reason. Anyone who has had pizza in China knows this (except if it was made with imported New Zealand cheddar). It is awful. Most Chinese cheese is quite rancid, tasting like what I imagine the regurgitations of a calf might.

Ru shan, is not so bad. Sold on the streets of many towns and cities in Yunan province, this snack food is rather unusual, but interestingly tasty.
Sheets of the cheese are placed on a griddle, stretched and toasted. As the cheese starts to brown,  the vendor presses a stick into one edge. Then the sheet is smeared with jam or flavoured honey. Finally, the cheese is rolled up to resemble a lolly.

It is an interesting experience. The cheese itself is chewy with a mild pleasent taste, slightly remeniscent of haloumi. The exact origin of the sweet condiment that had been smeared over it was indeciferable. Suffice to say that it was just sweet and slightly fruity, but not overpowering.

Not a great cheese, but none the less, an interesting experience. If you ever find yourself in the south west of China, try it.

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