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Pecorino Con Tartufo

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December 29th, 2012 Posted 1:28 pm

Sheep’s milk cheese with truffle.

A pale yellow, soap bar shaped cheese dotted with bits of black truffle.

Pecorino Con Tartufo

Pecorino Con Tartufo

This is fairly young, soft and creamy compared with unflavoured pecorino. The flavour is also quite mild, but this is a good thing. Too strong and it would overpower the flavour of the truffle. It is delightfully creamy with a wonderful truffle flavour.

Delicious! A delightful and different addition to any cheese board.

Purchased from Cheese Please, Lewes.

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia, 2011.




May 7th, 2012 Posted 10:57 pm

Gorgonzola is possibly the most famous of Italian blue cheeses. It is reputed to be very strong, but its reputation is ill founded even in its strongest form.There are three main varieties of gorgonzola: dolce (meaning sweet or mild); piccante (meaning strong or pungent) and stagionata (meaning seasoned or mature).

Dorgonzola DolceThe dolce is very mild indeed, subtly blue, very creamy and unoffensive to those that may not like stong cheeses.

Its piccante cousin is visually greener with much more pronounced veins of mould. Taste wise, it is sharper and more acid, but with the same creamy, gooey texture. Though its name might suggest a stronger flavour, it is only slightly stonger, it’s the acidity is the main difference.

Stagionata is much firmer with the same amount of mould as piccante, but it has now lost its acid bite. Instead, it has become much more flavoursome, with a good robust blueness, yet mellow.

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia

Dolce (4/5)

Piccante (3.5/5)

Stagionata (5/5)