Cheese Fest

We love cheese


Our ratings are purely subjective and based on Olympia’s descriptions and are as as follows:

(0/5) – Terrible/inedible (Cabrales)

(1/5) – BOF ie. we’re not excited about it (Edam)

(2/5) – OK, good for sandwiches (Standard supermarket “euro” cheddar).

(3/5) – Good cheese, we’d buy it again, worth putting on the cheeseboard.

(4/5) – Definitely worth getting if you see it.

(5/5) – Oh my God, there’s an orgasm in my mouth!

As for our categorisation of hardness, there is officially a very complex method of discerning hardness. We plum for the very simple:

Hard – It does not yield under finger pressure.

Semi-soft – It yields under pressure and then bounces back to its original shape.

Soft – Spreadable. It easily yields under pressure and remains squished.