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Made in the mountains of northeast Switzerland, Appenzeller is typically alpine in taste and texture, but as it ripens, it becomes so much more.



Appenzeller is washed in herb imbued brine sometimes with added wine or cider. The hard rind is browny yellow often wrapped in printed foil from the manufacturer. The paste is a light golden yellow in colour with the occasional bubble.

When young, it has a sweet buttermilk smell and a mild nutty flavour.

As it ages, the sweet innocence of youth is lost to a lustful decadence, that is at the same time beautifully sensual and utterly filthy. There is something very sexy about Appenzeller, together with the smells of grass, milk and cowshed is a like a romp in the hayloft with the farmer’s daughter.

Reviewed by Nick & Olympia 2012.


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